Inside Out Movement Wellness Journey

“This is a first of its kind journey to a life of intention, love, freedom, and dedication.”

Holly Riddel

Wouldn’t it be amazing to live a life filled with positivity and love?

Imagine becoming free from what’s oppressed you and moving forward with a fresh perspective.

After 24 years of experience focusing on reducing pain and the feeling of being in survival mode, this process was created as a mini-intervention to align your mind and body to a more loving and connected way of life that can be completed in 3-7 days. Studies have shown that the first step to releasing pain is to present a new experience that creates a strong positive emotion. This journey is unforgettable and empowering.

In a world full of distractions, the IOM Journey is the gateway to a more peaceful and healthy way of living and one that you will absolutely never forget. By joining us on our journey, you will be part of a global movement that resonates more with love than the negativity that is literally damaging us inside and out. Together we will make this world a more loving place and It starts with the IOM Journey and a ring. All you really need to do now is be ready.

Inside Out Movement Journey

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Our Story

“My intention with the Inside Out Movement is to empower and unite the wearers with the force of liberation and the dedication to self-love.”

Holly Riddel

The inspiration for the Inside Out Movement comes from the personal journey of Holly Riddel. Holly grew up in the diamonds and fine jewelry industry. When life threw her a curve in her mid-20’s, she began her quest to encourage greater love, connection and acceptance in the world. A vision led her back to designing jewelry and the creation of her two signature collections Inside Out® and LIMI: Love is My Intention®.

In addition to jewelry, Holly has a successful and long-term track record in identifying niche markets and emerging trends long before they are accepted into the mainstream and has designed products including fine fragrances, craft cocktail beverages, and pet products.

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