My journey is to help people love.

I am living that dream

Holly grew up in the diamond and fine jewelry industry and in her early twenties became GIA* certified in diamonds.

In her mid-twenties, seeking a new meaning of life, she spent the next decade making a name for herself in the entertainment industry. Quite unexpectedly, Holly was drawn back into the world of jewelry because of a vision. The vision was of a ring laying in the dirt with a stone affixed-almost floating on the inside. In that instant, Holly knew she had to create the ring in real-life. After learning from her jeweler contacts that no one could make it, she decided to take an advanced technical course in silver-smithing. On Day 3, Holly’s first Inside Out ring was ‘born’.

Inspired by symbolism and the energy assigned to various stones, Inside Out was created out of her idea to assign deep-rooted emotional intentions to the energy of each piece of jewelry. No two pieces are alike.

Aside from her creative design talents, Holly has a successful and long term track record in identifying niche markets and emerging fashion trends long before they are accepted by the mainstream. In 2016, within a year after launching her new fragrance, Holly was acknowledged by Fashion Group, International as one of the Top (5) ‘Beauty Fragrance Entrepreneur’s’. Bobbi Brown introduced Holly at the prestigious annual ‘Rising Stars Awards’ to a sold out, standing-room-only crowd.

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